About Jara Analytics

Jara Analytics is a professional services firm helping solve business challenges using data.


We provide services across multiple industries and specialize in helping our clients drive operational and financial performance through helping build data infrastructure, build high-performing analytics teams, and using data to unlock new insights.

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Services Provided

Jara Analytics provides strategy and analytics consulting services in HR.

People Analytics

Insights into finding, growing, and retaining talent. We help measure, track, and improve against key workforce metrics across the employee lifecycle including recruitment, on-boarding, productivity, employee performance, engagement, mobility, and retention.

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Compensation Services

We provide market-based compensation guidance to ensure fairness/equity, competitiveness, and compliance against your compensation strategies across your workforce (including executive compensation). Pay equity analysis to ensure fairness and consistency across your organization.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)

Key insights and help uncover gaps against your DE&I goals. Help your organization build strategies and best practices to find, grow, engage, and retain a diverse workforce.

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Previous Clients and Industry Experience

Our team brings wealth of knowledge and experience from multiple industries including Tech, Consulting, FinTech, and Public Sector.

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