Data-Driven HR Consulting Services

Jara Analytics is an HR consulting services firm helping solve business challenges using data.


We help businesses improve their bottom lines by investing in and strengthening their workforce with actionable and data-driven insights. Our expertise in HR data analytics covers every aspect of the employee lifecycle, including:


  • Hiring and Onboarding
  • Employee Engagement
  • Productivity
  • Pay Equity
  • Surveys
  • Attrition
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Our Services

Jara Analytics provides strategy and analytics consulting services in HR.

People Analytics Advisory and Consulting

Our people analytics advisory and consulting services help organizations identify, cultivate, and retain top-tier talent that suits their goals. We work with you from the ground up to build foundational people analytics capabilities and insights that mature into long-term growth strategies.

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People Analytics Dashboards

Powerful HR dashboards can be a guiding star in your growth journey. As an HR consulting service, we work with you to understand your organization and your unique requirements to build HR metrics and analytics dashboards that can empower you.

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Employee Surveys

Delve deeper into employee perceptions with detailed surveys that provide actionable information about engagement, satisfaction, and needs. We tailor our surveying methods to your organization, prioritizing privacy and efficacy.

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Pay Equity Analysis

Pay equity analysis helps organizations spot pay equity gaps and optimize salaries to become an attractive employer and reduce legal risk. This aspect of employee analytics can significantly boost organizational competitiveness and promote fairness, leading to enhanced employee retention and growth.

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Why Jara Analytics?

Custom Solutions

We work with you, for you. Everything from our selection of HR metrics and analytics reports to surveys and dashboards is built to suit your goals. As a product-agnostic service provider, we work with you in your native environment.

Long-Term Value

Our custom solutions allow businesses to improve their bottom line and strengthen their workforce over time. We outpace larger companies offering cookie-cutter solutions. With Jara Analytics, you get the edge of a tailored service with lower costs and valuable ROI.

Personal Service

As a smaller HR consulting service, our team can give every client the personal attention they deserve to thrive. With our decades of consulting experience, lightning-fast response times, and free consultations, you’re in good hands.

Previous Clients and Industry Experience

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from multiple industries including Tech, Consulting, FinTech, and Public Sector.


We would love to bring our expertise in HR metrics and analytics to your organization. Reach out for a free consultation with an expert today.

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Our Insights

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