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Our HR data analytics blog provides valuable information about the people-centered elements of business, the future of working in a data-driven world, and select tips from the experts working at the forefront of people analytics.

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Jara Analytics provides strategy and analytics consulting services in HR.

People Analytics Advisory and Consulting

We provide insights to help you find, grow, and retain top talent your organization needs to thrive.

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HR Dashboards

Pushing towards long-term financial and performance goals is easier with essential people metrics at your fingertips with our HR dashboards that tell you exactly what your organization needs.

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Conducting comprehensive surveys makes it possible to measure essential people-centric metrics. Explore this topic in our HR data analytics blog.

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Compensation and Pay Equity Analysis

Data-guided compensation consulting solidifies a culture of compliance, ethics, and competitiveness in any business.

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The Jara Difference

We believe that meaningful analytics is fueled by the need to predict and prescribe business outcomes, not just to describe how your business is currently performing.


With Jara Analytics, your organization benefits from a team of experts who understand your vision. We aim to create a people analytics strategy for your business that sustainably drives long-term performance.

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