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HR Surveys That Have a Meaningful Impact

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Employee Lifecycle Surveys That Drive Results

The world’s leading companies leverage the power of surveys to derive meaningful insights that allow them to understand employee engagement, performance, and attrition while providing the ability to take action.


From employee lifecycle surveys to engagement surveys, our offerings will equip your organization with the insights and actionable data necessary to optimize the cost of new hires at the start of the employee lifecycle or to cut down on attrition rates at the end of it. Jara Analytics gives you the insight to do more.

Our carefully structured employee surveys give your organization the space to empower its most crucial resource – the employees.


Understanding and analyzing each employee’s lifecycle is the key to:


  • Identifying and recruiting the best talent.
  • Improving engagement and training for new hires.
  • Retaining your top talent in a competitive market.
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End-To-End Support

Our end-to-end support for employee surveys prioritizes your input and your goals; this includes:


  • Strategy Consultations to determine the best approaches to measurement.
  • Logistics Consultations that pinpoint the optimal mode and timing for the surveys.
  • Analytics and Insights to provide critical insights across the organization.
  • Action Plans powered by survey data to further drive desired outcomes.

Jara Analytics will be your partner as you navigate the employee lifecycle surveys your organization requires. Our expertise includes strategic, programmatic work assisting with the vision and direction of your survey program, all the way to survey creation, administration, and delivering actionable survey insights. As a tool-agnostic agency, we also work with you to build a dashboard within your existing HR tool.


An HR survey is only as valuable as the actions you take from it. That’s why our post-employee survey analysis highlights:


  • Focus areas that need improvement and celebration across key groups.
  • Deep post-survey research that aims to predict future actions like attrition or performance.
  • Executive presentations and summaries of the results.
  • Tangible actions that can be taken across each level of the organization.

Organizations with highly engaged employees have reported 18% higher productivity and 23% higher profitability compared to those with low engagement.

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