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Jara Analytics is a leading people analytics firm that harnesses the power of data to solve complex HR challenges for businesses.


Our comprehensive approach to HR analytics is not just about data analysis but also leveraging advanced people analytics strategies and framework grounded in industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology to uncover pivotal people insights. This enables organizations to effectively identify, grow, and retain high-caliber talent, crucial for driving both operational excellence and financial success.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower every client with the data they need to drive substantial everyday growth. As an HR analytics firm, our focus is always on the best way to cultivate the talent your business has been looking for, and that journey begins with a data-driven foundation. Better decisions, all the time.

Our Values

We believe that to create value for businesses, you have to truly understand their vision. From Day 1, we endeavor to tailor every aspect of our services to your organizational needs and wants so we can amplify business impact with every single move. Our smaller teams ensure that your organization gets the attention it deserves. With Jara Analytics, you’ll be working with a partner who is invested in your success, not just interested in it.

We help our clients look beyond the numbers by assessing, actioning, and advising on how to use data to drive organizational and business value.

We bring extensive experience and knowledge and experience from multiple industries including Tech, Web3, Finance, E-commerce, Public sector, and others.

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge from various industry-leading organizations including Meta (formerly Facebook), Deloitte, USAID, US Forest Service, Intelligence Community, and many more across sectors.

While our focus is primarily on small to mid-sized companies, we adapt to client needs regardless of size.

Services Provided

Jara Analytics provides strategy and analytics consulting services in HR.

People Analytics Advisory and Consulting

Building a scalable people analytics function to provide ongoing insights into finding, growing, and retaining talent. We help measure, track, and improve against key workforce metrics across the employee lifecycle, including recruitment, onboarding, productivity, employee performance, engagement, mobility, and retention.

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HR Dashboards

An effective HR dashboard guides your organization towards better long-term business outcomes, giving leaders a real-time and bird’s eye view of hiring, retention, engagement, and productivity. Our team proudly holds a Tableau certification, which allows us to create advanced and comprehensive dashboards that provide visibility and insights across the employee lifecycle that are most relevant to your organization.

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Effective surveys form the foundation of any workforce strategy. Our surveys help organizations uncover crucial people-centric insights and sentiment, ranging from employee satisfaction to onboarding and exit.

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Compensation and Pay Equity Analysis

Fairness is fundamental for any organization. Our pay equity analysis ensures that your compensation structures stand up to scrutiny. Dive deep into compensation data, identify disparities, and build a more inclusive, equitable workplace.

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The Austin ISD Department of Campus and District Accountability (CDA) partnered with Jara Analytics to improve data management, staff awareness around data analysis, and our overall reporting practices. Their knowledge and assistance promoted positive and strategic actions in the department. Jara Analytics provided thoughtful insights, guiding us in developing a stronger reporting team and a robust professional learning program. They also created a detailed data management plan that will modernize our data practices. Jara Analytics’ expertise made complex concepts accessible to our staff, resulting in lasting improvements across the department.
logo for Austin Independent School District

Supervisor of Accountability and Performance Reporting

Austin Independent School District
We engaged Jara Analytics to develop analytics dashboards for our company, and the experience was excellent. They are excellent listeners, calm problem-solvers, and always professional. I also appreciate that they brought their point of view as an industry experts to help guide us in our decision making process. Jara Analytics took the time to understand our unique needs, creating a tailored solution that met our expectations. Their calm and centered approach to problem-solving, coupled with diplomatic communication, instilled confidence in our team throughout the process. The impact on our efficiency and strategic planning has been transformative for our business. I highly recommend Jara Analytics as a analytics partner.

Janay Jespersen

SVP People, Rithum
Jara Analytics has become a trusted partner for Protocol Labs and has played a pivotal role in elevating our people analytics capabilities from the ground up. They immediately provided our team with rich insights and actionable data to make informed people related decisions. One of the most notable contributions has been the development of a comprehensive suite of dashboards. These tools have enabled our team to interpret key people metrics such as headcount, attrition, performance, organizational structure, and compensation – quickly! Their expertise, commitment, and impactful solutions have been a true asset and we are confident that they will bring the same level of expertise to others.
Protocol Labs

HR Leader

Protocol Labs
We engaged Jara Analytics to conduct in depth market research on the People Analytics technology space. Our primary goal was to learn about the specific use cases that large enterprises have for this technology, understand the most prevalent vendors and how they compare/contract, and gain some insights on how the market will grow in the near-term future (what additional use cases might enterprises have, how will spending change, etc.). Our engagement with Jara was a multi-phase, multi week engagement that included in depth primary research with one of the well known vendors in the industry and resulted in a well-constructed research report. We found the report to be informative, provided insights that we otherwise would not have known on our own, and help us make a decision on our stance of the market. We were very impressed with the process speed, professionalism, and general quality of output from working with Jara and would happily recommend their services to others looking for high quality HR tech/People Analytics domain expertise.
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Technology Investor
Eskalera is a leader in building software to upskill employees and provides organizational insights. We worked with Jara Analytics for the better part of a year on our DEI analytics. They were the perfect thought partner. Their deep expertise in people analytics sharpened the actionability of our data insights with clients. Their broad strategic view of the analytics space informed analytics product decisions. Lastly, their collaborative and relational approach led to a highly efficient and effective partnership. Jara Analytics was a key partner to support us in boosting belonging, retention, performance and satisfaction among our clients. I highly recommend Jara Analytics for their analytical prowess and deep understanding of D&I in today’s workplace. Their contributions have been instrumental to our success!

Dr. Janxin Leu

Chief Analytics and Client Experience Officer, Eskalera
I first sought the services of Jara Analytics in late 2022, during my tenure leading a People Operations team. One of my first observations upon joining the team was the opportunity to grow and mature the people data and analytics function. Being acquainted with their team’s track record and commitment to excellence, I was convinced that Jara Analytics would prove to be a trustworthy partner and advisor. I was confident in collaborating with them to co-develop a roadmap that would elevate our team to a new level of sophistication. Jara Analytics played an instrumental role in the development our our people analytics strategy and roadmap, the formation of our people data dictionary, building key tableau dashboards, and advising us on how we should build our long-term people data infrastructure. Their advice on scaling strategies, such as the implementation of a data warehouse, has put us in a robust position for future growth. With their input, our CHRO is now equipped with a greater depth of data and insights than ever before. Our reporting protocols and business rhythms have achieved unprecedented stability thanks to their expertise. Working with Jara Analytics not only fortified our function but also significantly boosted my confidence as an HR leader. I highly recommend Jara Analytics to any team seeking to leverage data in strategic and innovative ways.

Lexi Baldisseri

Director of People Operations, CommerceHub

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