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Equity and Transparency Through Compensation Analytics

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Evaluating pay is no longer a “should do” but has become a “must do,” with leading companies boosting performance through salary analytics.


Strategically using compensation and benefits analytics to optimize salaries and rewards can help HR positively impact the bottom line while reducing risk by providing employees with fair pay across the organization to increase diversity, inclusion, and belonging.


At Jara, we utilize advanced analytics to empower companies with reliable pay equity analysis and insightful compensation dashboards. Some of the benefits and examples of our compensation analytics offerings include:

  • Actionable Insights, Transparent Decisions: Gain critical insights into salary expenses and trends across the organization. Our customizable dashboards provide clear visuals and actionable data to inform strategic compensation decisions.
  • Statistically Reliable Pay Equity Analysis: Leverage sophisticated statistical models to evaluate pay gaps for key groups by evaluating and appropriately controlling for variables that may bias results to ensure compliance and mitigate potential legal risks.
  • Reduce Attrition, Attract Top Talent: Identify at-risk employees before they walk out the door. Competitive compensation analytics guidance built on data-driven insights attract and retain the best talent in your industry.

The Jara Analytics Edge

Here’s how our advanced people analytics can help your organization perform better.

Full Transparency

We go beyond basic salary analytics. Deep dive into indirect compensation data for comprehensive analysis, ensuring fairness across all levels and roles. Build a culture of trust and respect through transparent and equitable pay practices.

Retain Top Performers

Our actionable insights help you spot employees within your organization who might be at risk of compensation-related attrition. Timely course corrections in pay gaps are crucial for retaining top employees and attracting talented new hires. Cultivate a top-performing team with compensation and benefits analytics.

Critical Insights

Get a 360-degree view of your salary landscape with our compensation analytics dashboards. Empower leadership with critical insights to optimize compensation strategies and maximize workforce performance.

Grow With Jara Analytics

Compensation analytics is just one example of the many HR services we offer. Transform your business by taking full advantage of our offerings.


Gain insight into every step of your employee lifecycle, from scouting and hiring to exit interviews. We take the time to understand your organization’s opportunities and pain points to craft customized employee lifecycle and engagement surveys that can help you develop better long-term strategies.

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HR Dashboards

We build dynamic HR dashboards that give you access to vital HR insights to optimize your entire talent lifecycle, from improving recruiting to reducing attrition. Make better decisions with better tools, starting today.

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People Analytics Advisory and Consulting

Our people analytics advisory and consulting services create real long-term value for your business. From self-service dashboards and custom salary analytics to establishing a scalable and secure people data infrastructures, Jara Analytics is your guide for growth.

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