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Unlock Your Talent Insights with Custom HR Dashboards

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Organizations looking to scale up by bringing on better talent need a way to comprehensively monitor every part of the employee lifecycle with HR metrics that are most relevant to their organization. This can be a challenging task, considering most plug-and-play HR dashboard analytics offer the same rigid set of features.


Our customized HR dashboard metrics help organizations scale up the smart way with a 360-degree view of their workforce. We work closely with your business to craft custom HR dashboard reports that empower you.

  • Optimize recruitment: Identify the most effective channels and strategies to attract top talent faster.
  • Boost employee engagement: Understand what drives motivation and satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates.
  • Fuel productivity: Track performance metrics and make data-backed decisions to increase productivity.
  • Reduce Turnover: Understand who is leaving, why they are leaving, and what drives retention to reduce turnover.

Why Jara Analytics Does It Better

Here’s why our HR dashboards are always the right choice.

Centralized Reporting

One digital environment for all of your HR needs. Our dashboards consolidate data from multiple sources and target the metrics that matter for your business, allowing you to monitor KPIs at a glance.

We’re Product-Agnostic

We work with you in your native environment with your organization’s tech stack. As a small and dynamic team of experts, we’re agile and equipped to deliver results faster than the competition.

Fully Tailored

Our HR solutions are always built from the ground up with your organization’s opportunities, goals, and pain points in mind. Grow faster with HR dashboard analytics that targets your long-term goals

Complete Data Privacy

As the chosen HR advisory services firm of industry leaders in sectors like finance, tech, and government, we understand the importance of data privacy. Our dashboards allow you to control who can access HR dashboard metrics at an individual level.

Other Jara Analytics Services

Combine cutting-edge HR dashboard reports with comprehensive employee surveys, people analytics advisory services, and compensation solutions.


Combined with our HR dashboard analytics, our custom employee lifecycle surveys give decision-makers an unparalleled level of insight into employee sentiment. Discover efficient ways to cut down on lengthy training cycles and minimize attrition rates with the information advantage.

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People Analytics Advisory and Consulting

Supercharge your growth with analytics solutions that are uniquely aligned with your long-term goals and HR challenges. Our people analytics advisory and consulting service is an end-to-end solution leveraging the best HR data management strategies to solve HR problems.

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Compensation and Pay Equity Analysis

Build a culture of fairness and transparency in your organization by identifying and eliminating pay equity gaps. Jara Analytics gives you the tools you need to transform into an organization that truly values diversity. Businesses depend on us to retain top talent with equal pay and to ensure regulatory compliance.

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