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People Analytics Advisory and Consulting

High-Powered HR Metrics and Analytics for Your Workforce

Advanced HR insights and analytics help businesses identify, develop, and retain top talent. Our people analytics consulting services range from helping clients build a short and long-term people analytics strategy, building a scalable people data infrastructure, building employee engagement survey strategies, and enabling self-service dashboards and solutions that provide insight into making timely data-driven HR strategy and program decisions. Through our consulting services, we empower our clients to harness the full potential of people analytics to inform talent decisions.

Advancing your capability to become a world-class analytics organization

We provide services across the analytics continuum depending on your organization’s needs while advancing your organizational impact. Our methodical approach to workforce metrics and analytics allows us to carefully understand your business before prescribing any drastic changes.

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From our detailed foundational data infrastructure to automated dashboards, our focus on the what and why enables us to prescribe the how.

We create business value for your organization by leveraging data across the employee lifecycle to inform People-centric decisions

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