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Jara Analytics offers a full suite of HR advisory services, covering the full spectrum of talent lifecycle management. Here’s how we can help transform your business with our HR insights solutions.

People Analytics
Advisory and Consulting

Our expertise in HR data management and consulting is the foundation for developing cutting-edge people analytics strategies.


We offer comprehensive end-to-end services that encompass the entire talent lifecycle, including hiring, retention, and talent development. By partnering with us for our HR advisory services, you will gain access to a suite of services designed to transform your HR strategy:


  • People analytics strategy and roadmap to build a scalable people analytics function and data infrastructure that is tailored specifically to your organization’s short and long term goals.
  • Customized analytics solutions uniquely aligned with your specific business objectives and HR challenges for optimal organizational fit.
  • Predictive Analytics to enable Proactive HR planning anticipating future needs and challenges for strategic and operational planning across the talent lifecycle management, impacting all HR aspects from talent acquisition to leadership development.
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HR Dashboards

The right HR dashboard can be an invaluable tool for tracking the metrics that matter the most to your organization. As an HR advisory service firm, our HR Dashboards service provides robust, real-time analytics, offering a comprehensive view of key HR metrics across hiring, retention, engagement, and organizational health, enabling your leadership to make informed decisions for better long-term business outcome. You can use these dashboards to:


  • Monitor the recruitment funnel to inform sourcing and hiring strategies.
  • Gain insights into turnover to better understand who is leaving, why they are leaving, and where they are going to inform strategies to retain high performing talent.
  • Get a better understanding of your workforce composition to inform workforce planning.
  • Visibility into compensation and D&I data and trends for equitable pay practices and enabling informed decisions regarding salary structures, bonuses, and pay equity across the organization.
  • Visibility into employee performance and engagement for talent development and growth.


Surveys are a key tool in talent lifecycle management that unlock critical feedback and gain insights directly from your most valuable assets – your employees. We offer comprehensive survey support across the employee lifecycle. Whether it’s onboarding, employee engagement, benefits preferences, or exit surveys, our expertise in Industrial/Organizational Psychology ensures that you have statistically reliable results that you can confidentially action against to improve the employee experience across your organization. Our services are designed to:


  • Strategically Align Surveys with Business Goals: Develop an employee lifecycle survey strategy that integrates employee listening initiatives seamlessly with your overarching business objectives.
  • Provide Comprehensive Survey Management: Our end-to-end survey support ranges from survey design and configuration, cognitive testing for validity, distribution and data collection.
  • Deliver Insightful Results and Actionable Recommendations: Offer detailed results summaries and presentations, turning data into actionable insights that can inform decision-making and drive meaningful improvements in your organization.
  • Customized Analytics and Reporting Solutions: Develop dashboards to interpret survey data, offering customized views and in-depth insights into underlying trends and patterns for scalable reporting across the organization.
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Compensation and
Pay Equity Analysis

Fairness is absolutely fundamental for any organization’s meaningful long-term performance. Our HR advisory service helps your organization build that culture through visibility into compensation and pay equity analysis that accurately identifies pay gaps. Through this service, you will:

  • Drive transparency and trust. Build trust and culture that values diversity, fairness, and high performance across the organization.
  • Ensure compliance and reduce risk with regulatory compensation standards. Our compensation and pay equity analysis adhere to relevant regulatory and legal standards, protecting your organization against non-compliance risks.
  • Attract and retain high-performing talent. Conducting pay equity analysis demonstrates your commitment to fairness and equality, making your organization more attractive to top talent who value these principles.
  • Improve organizational reputation and brand. Regular pay equity analysis boosts your organization’s reputation as an ethical and socially responsible employer, which can enhance employee morale and loyalty, and positively impact your brand image in the market and community.

The Jara Difference

Find out what makes Jara Analytics the partner to have in your organization’s growth journey.

Experience and Expertise

Our team comes with over 50+ years of cumulative experience in talent lifecycle management and HR consulting. As a client, you’ll be benefiting from our experience in crucial sectors like Tech, Blockchain, Web3, and Public Sector. We’re industry leaders, are you ready to be one?

Long-Term Value

Our approach to HR advisory services allows us to create real long-term value for every client. Our focus on metrics like attrition and turnover helps businesses make decisions that increase productivity and recruitment efficiency and decrease attrition rates.

Personal Service

With our smaller team size, we can give every client a personalized experience. Additionally, we’re product agnostic, which means we work in your native environment to deliver solutions that are tailor-made for your business.

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As an HR advisory services firm, we have worked with businesses in multiple priority industries ranging from tech and web3 to retail and the public sector. If you’d like to optimize your business with our expertise, reach out today for a free consultation with an expert.

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