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Engagement process for account services:

1. Initial Consultation- We listen to what your needs are, and provide details on what our services are. After this, both parties can decide if they would like to move forward.


2. Setting Expectations- If both parties choose to move forward, we will set up a second meeting. In this meeting, the client will get to know the bookkeeper, and expectations and deadlines will be set-up.


3. On-boarding- Our bookkeeper will work with the client to ensure we have all the correct documents needed to set up the client and to move forward.


4. Follow Up – There will be a follow up with the client every 60 days. 30 day follow-up can be requested.


In between follow-ups, we stay proactive and work on client accounts on a regular basis. Clients will be contacted within a timely manner if their attention is needed to any of the work we are providing.


To set up a free consultation, call us at 614-499-8343 or email us at

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